5 Ideas For The Ultimate 90s Throwback Wedding

Whether you grew up in the decade or love everything about it, there is something special and nostalgic about the 1990s. If you love the decade, then you can incorporate it into your own wedding celebration. It's a great theme that is filled with a fun party vibe to really make the wedding a hit. As you plan a 1990s wedding, there are five different ways to make it as enjoyable and nostalgic as possible.

90s Drink and Candy

Treat guests to snacks and foods that will make them feel like they are dining in the 90s again. One of the easiest things to find from the 1990s is candy from the decade. Many websites offer candy exclusively from the 1990s. This includes a variety of novelty lollipops, sour treats, and discontinued chocolate candies that are only sold in limited batches.

A variety of drinks from the 90s can also be featured. For example, there are two high-energy soda drinks from the 90s that are still available for purchase through online retailers. These drinks make great table gifts for guests and can also be served with dinner at the reception.

Old School Music Technology

Instead of playing music on digital formats like MP3, you can travel back to simpler times. One of the biggest highlights in the 1990s was the classic boombox. Large boomboxes are still sold today and can be used with a variety of formats like compact discs, cassette tapes, and FM radios.

By searching through yard sales, flea markets, and websites, you can purchase a variety of used music CDs and cassettes for use at the wedding. Multiple boomboxes can be used to play songs, or you can have one boom-box that blasts the music across the whole reception hall.

90s Table Centerpieces

Fill the whole wedding with 1990s decorations by adding a themed centerpiece to each table. There are a number of things you can decorate the tables with. For example, old video game cartridges can bring back a sense of the 90s. Include your favorite games from consoles like the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis.

To keep up with the romantic wedding theme, you can also decorate tables with VHS tapes from your favorite romantic movies. It's easy to find VHS tapes through yard sales or action websites. This includes 90s romance hits like "Titanic", "My Best Friend's Wedding", or "She's All That." Each table can feature a favorite movie you've loved from the decade.

90s Posters

Capture the feeling of the 1990s with posters hung up around the whole ceremony or reception. There are a variety of themes you can follow for these posters. For 1990s designs, you can look for posters featuring smiley faces, colorful neon patterns, or pet posters with animal collages.

Other options include sports posters from the 1990s. This includes stars like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Roger Clemens, Hulk Hogan, or stars from the 1996 Olympic Games. The posters you hang up can also include 1990s pop-culture themes like movies, television shows, and popular music acts. As guests arrive, they can explore and reminiscence about the various posters and 90s content.

Cake Toppers

Instead of the traditional bride and groom cake toppers, you can work with a cake design company to have a pair of 90s toppers based off your favorite couple. For example, one of the top TV couples from the 1990s was Ross and Rachel on "Friends." You can showcase the pair as your own cake topper.

You can even take things one step further by including a popular couple from animated television in the 1990s. Examples include Homer and Marge from "The Simpsons," Arnold and Helga from "Hey, Arnold!" or Doug and Pattie from the Nickelodeon cartoon "Doug."

Infusing the 90s into your wedding ceremony can become a fun planning experience for you and your spouse. It's a great way to relive the decade and bond with your spouse over memories from each year.

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